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Flower Beds 5220Bikers, joggers, inline skaters, walkers, and even those who simply sit on benches to take in the view of Lake Michigan all seem to enjoy the flower beds that have been planted along Mariners Trail. In 2008 eighteen volunteer groups worked on bringing color and beauty to the trail by putting in an assortment of flowering plants, natural grasses and bushes. Each flower bed is unique to the gardener. As of the summer of 2016, there were over 50 flower beds and a waiting list of people eager to create their own garden along the Lakeshore. Volunteer gardeners also plant and maintain the flower barrels near each of the message boards.

Flower Beds 5144Friends of Mariners Trail assigns available sites to those interested in the project and provides $50 annually for the purchase of plants and other gardening needs. Each gardener then prepares, plants, waters, and generally tends to his or her site for the entire growing season. At present, flower beds are located near the Waldo Blvd., Davis Street, Thiede Street, and Rotary (formerly Honey Pot) waysides. Flower beds are also located at the "Blue Rail," the breakwater that leads to the Manitowoc Lighthouse.

Contact Judy, 920-684-0828, or email marinerstrail@gmail.com for information on future flowerbed opportunities.

Flower bed TV coverage video clips are available here and here.

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Flowerbed Program "Garden Guidelines"

Following are the guidelines and expectations for the FOMT garden program:

1. Gardens should be maintained for three seasons: spring, summer and fall. Weeding and deadheading are important.

2. Watering is the gardeners' responsibility and can be a significant challenge. Please figure out a way to get water to your site. Call a garden committee for suggestions.

3. Safety while tending your garden is the responsibility of each gardener. Trail users bike, roller-blade, walk, and run on the trail alongside the gardens. Please keep tools and supplies off the trail whenever possible and be aware of what is happening around you. Orange safety cones are provided in green boxes at points along the trail that have restricted visibility. If you choose to use the cones as a warning to trail users that you are working in your garden, please place the cones on the edge of the trail just ahead of your work site in both directions and be sure to replace them in the green boxes when you are finished gardening.

4. FOMT wants to recognize the efforts of its volunteer gardeners and will provide one sign (7.5" x 5.5") containing two or three lines of text for each garden. Examples include, but are not limited to, garden names, garden themes, or gardener recognition. Gardens can be planted in memory or in honor of an individual and this sign is the appropriate marker for such acknowledgment. The text of the sign is provided by the gardener, but is subject to approval by the garden committee. If a gardener wants to change the sign they will need to pay for the cost incurred. The cost will be between $30 and $50.

5. Garden design is individual and is what makes the program successful and enjoyable for viewers. Nonetheless, please observe the following guidelines when creating your garden design:

  a. No memorials, advertisements, or religious or political items are allowed. If you intend to garden in memory or honor of a special person or event we ask that this be reflected only on the sign provided by FOMT;

  b. Natural plant material should be the focus of your garden. Garden art should be limited. Gardeners assume all risk (e.g., loss, damage, vandalism) for use of garden art;

  c. To maintain visibility to the lake please observe a 30" height limitation for any non-plant material. Additionally, trees and large shrubs that would block the view of the lake are discouraged;

  d. Use of chemicals is discouraged; and

  e. Do not introduce or use invasive species or aggressive weedy plants.

6. FOMT requests that all gardeners attend the annual spring gardeners' meeting. This is the kick-off to the garden season along the trail and is an opportunity to share information and ideas with other gardeners.

7. FOMT's policy (subject to change) is to offer gardeners up to $50.00 annually to spend on plants to create and enhance gardens. These funds are generated by proceeds from FOMT calendar sales and are distributed at the annual spring gardeners' meeting. As long as funds are available, we intend to continue to provide this "seed money."

8. FOMT uses a postcard reminder program to notify gardeners that their garden needs attention. Other communication may be a phone call or a letter expressing concerns. If you receive a postcard, phone call or letter, we ask that you tend to your garden within a week. Gardens may be reassigned if the flower bed is not given proper attention in a timely manner.

9. The land used for the trail and gardens is the property of either the City of Manitowoc or the City of Two Rivers. Gardeners who exit the program are requested not to remove plant material to facilitate the continuity of the program. If a new gardener wishes to remove plants already in the flowerbed, they should first check with the past gardener to see if that person wants them. Contact information can be obtained from a garden committee member.

10. The FOMT Garden Committee provides oversight of the garden program. Decisions regarding design, maintenance, assignment or reassignment of gardens are handled by the committee.

Thank you for volunteering to participate in the FOMT garden program. If you have questions please contact the Garden Committee at marinerstrail@gmail.com or one of the garden committee members: Judy Corrado 684-0828; Linda Gratz 682-8373; Clare Schuette 973-2983; Deb Steckert 682-6762.

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