Friends of Mariners Trail (FOMT) is a non-profit organization formed in 2003. The purpose of the organization is expressed in its mission statement:

The mission of FOMT is to act as an advocate for Mariners Trail, make suggestions for its improvement, and raise funds to assist the municipalities of Two Rivers and Manitowoc, Wisconsin with future development and enhancements to Mariners Trail.

FOMT organizes a trail cleanup each May, at which time members and friends clean litter and trash from the Trail. Many members and other organizations help keep the trail clean at other times.

Members also take part in the brush cleanups sponsored by the City of Two Rivers, at which time overgrown brush along the Trail is cut back.

Funds raised by the organization are used in various ways for trail improvement.

In 2006, 2011, and 2013, there were major rerouting and paving projects initiated by FOMT, and jointly financed by FOMT and the City of Manitowoc. FOMT has helped furnish the trail by facilitating the donation of benches, purchasing and installing bike racks, as well as installing a bike repair station at the Davis Street wayside.

Two informational message boards, one near each end of the trail, were purchased and installed, and are updated regularly. FOMT foresees that a repaving of the entire trail may be necessary in the next five to ten years, and a significant donation from FOMT to assist this work is envisioned.