You may choose one of two sites, in Manitowoc and Two Rivers, at which a brick commemorating loved ones would be placed. The bricks are set in the ground, and the area nicely landscaped. The burnt orange bricks come in several sizes and can be engraved as you wish.

Bricks are placed in the ground twice a year, in May and in September. Ordering deadlines are May 1 and September 1.

Brick Order Form

The blue benches along Mariners Trail are familiar to all those who use the Trail. Over the years, FOMT has placed approximately 30 of the benches. These benches were donated by individuals and businesses interested in making a significant addition to Mariners Trail.

However, the Trail has now been sufficiently covered by benches and FOMT is no longer placing benches.

The cities of Manitowoc and Two Rivers continue to have needs for benches at various parks. If you are interested in donating to one of those locations please contact the Manitowoc Parks Division at (920) 686-3580 or For Two Rivers Parks and Recreation please contact (920) 793-5592.