Bikers, joggers, inline skaters, walkers, and even those who simply sit on benches to take in the view of Lake Michigan all seem to enjoy the flower beds that have been planted along Mariners Trail. In 2008, eighteen volunteer groups worked on bringing color and beauty to the trail by putting in an assortment of flowering plants, natural grasses and bushes. Each flower bed is unique to the gardener. Currently, there are over 50 flower beds and a waiting list of people eager to create their own garden along the Lakeshore. Volunteer gardeners also plant and maintain the flower barrels near each of the message boards.

Friends of Mariners Trail assigns available sites to those interested in the project and provides $60 annually for the purchase of plants and other gardening needs. Each gardener then prepares, plants, waters, and generally tends to his or her site for the entire growing season. At present, flower beds are located near the Waldo Blvd., Davis Street, Thiede Street, and Rotary (formerly Honey Pot) waysides. Flower beds are also located at the “Blue Rail,” the breakwater that leads to the Manitowoc Lighthouse.

Email for information on future flowerbed opportunities.