Mariners Trail is a 5.5 mile recreational trail along the shore of Lake Michigan between Manitowoc and Two Rivers in east central Wisconsin. The paved surface accommodates walkers, joggers, bikers, and in-line skaters.

The southern trailhead is at the Manitowoc Marina, while the trail terminates at the Lighthouse Inn in Two Rivers on the north. There is no usage fee; the trail is free to all users.

Access to the trail can be made virtually anywhere along its length, as the trail parallels major roads. Parking is available at both ends of the trail, and at numerous waysides. There are four motels either on the trail, or very close by.

At the north end, the trail ties into the Rawley Point Trail, which takes the user through Two Rivers and into Point Beach State Forest. This seven-mile section utilizes city streets, limestone surfaces, and a five-mile section through the State Forest.

At the southern end of the trail, the trail user can continue on a paved path along Lake Michigan, across the Manitowoc River on the 8th Street bridge, and then follow the trail along the south side of the river, past the carferry dock, and into a residential area.

Restroom facilities are available on the trail just north of the Manitowoc Marina, at the Woodland Drive wayside at the approximate mid-point of the trail, and at several restaurants along the trail.

Mariners Trail is an excellent place for walking a dog. Dog walkers are asked to keep their pet on a leash and clean up after their dog.